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At SynQues, we focus on the quality of implementation that we are delivering to our clients.

We are working towards transforming the way customers are managed by our +400 existing business clients worldwide. Our product for Customer Relationship Management (Q4 CRM) has been widely accepted and is enabling valuable addition to the existing business communication.

In addition to that, we are very excited to offer the possibility of enabling our clients in selecting the right candidates based on the behavioral job descriptions given by their own job-related-stakeholders. Online Mass Selection Tool (Q4 MST) enables our clients to not only measure the gaps in the existing behavioral energies of the organization, but also creates awareness and productive communication between various departments in the organization. It also helps in solving succession issues.


Definition | Drive | Selection | Induction


Contacts | Appointments | Profiling | Tickets

Research & Design @ SynQues

Currently, our R&D team is focusing on developing mass-data-capturing and analytics tools to transform mass-perception. Automated behavioural assessment tools developed in association with academicians from MIT are fused with empirical as well as dynamically generated realtime data to discover extraordinary insight on how mass perception can be transformed.

Q4 Safety

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Services @ SynQues

We have successfully covered 16 years of meeting dutch quality expectations. Our team is travelled, exposed and equipped to technically understand & participate at all levels with our client’s needs and concerns. We develop, customize and/or maintain high-end-technology for our customers. We believe in our talent and are attuned to meet your pace.

Products @ SynQues

SynQues has been following the vision of facilitating awareness using technology. The Q4 range of products are developed in the last years for various market segments. Our products are used by fortune 500 companies, at the same time are deployed at medium and small scale industries too. As of now, our Q4 products are distributed in Europe, USA and India.

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Q4 Retail

Q4 Retail

Planning | Employees | Product | Management

Decision Support System for large retailers (based on European norms)

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Q4 Web

Q4 Web

Concepts | Graphics | Marketing | Services

Web services, to create technology awareness (Websites and Portals)

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Tracking | Logistics | SAR | Oil Spill

Geo Info Solutions for Logistics and Marine industry

IT Services
Q4 Select

Q4 Select

Assessments | Filters | Roadmaps | Training

Learning and Development products for corporates to Lead change

Remote Computer Services
Q4 Academics

Q4 Academics

Education | Facility | Transparency | Excellence

A product for next-generation academic institutions

Q4 Profile


Transparent | Scheduled | Inclusive | Proactive

A product for managing Indian Hospitals, on turn key basis


Plans @ SynQues

  • We are now ready to explore the Australian sub-continent. We plan to appoint a distributor for our retail product in the next quarter.
  • Committed to be lean, we are empanelling outsourcing partners to improve efficiency.

Deployed in the state of Odisha


Our Vision

a mental image of what the future will or could be like

  • To facilitate awareness; using technology, to businesses and people globally

Our Mission

a strongly felt aim, ambition or calling

  • Achieve authentic partnering belief
  • Be recognized as the foremost 'awareness technology' partner worldwide
  • Co-evolve enabling value for all associates
  • Expand physical and organizational facilities globally
  • Be ambassador of happiness
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SynQues Consultancy

Our Values

principles and standards of behavior

  • Authentic - of undisputed origin - original, genuine, accurate or reliable
  • Accessible - easily understood; approachable
  • Enterprising - having initiative and resourcefulness
  • Committed - dedicated, with whole heart
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We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your consumers. If you're looking for more information or support that isn't here, you can reach us at :

E8/304-305, Trilanga, Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462039
Email :
Telephone : +91 9009103100

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